VinnyBlinds Business Card Project
VinnyBlinds is a Window Blind repair company based out of Sunrise, Florida. The company CEO opened a contest on to find designers who could design business cards for his business. These proposals were among the thousands of proposals that were submitted to this contest.
Each design for the proposals were first sketched out as concepts in a sketchbook. Each concept sketched was based on one of the logos that the client asked to be incorporated into the design. From here, the sketches formed the basis for the final designs used.
These are the final designs that were submitted by me for the contest. Each set of cards carries a style that evokes the feeling of the logo represented on that respective design. Some incorporate flat design while others make use of other elements provided by the client such as background images and an image of the CEO for use on the cards. Information on the business cards was provided directly by the client.
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