In the spring semester of 2021, the theater department at my alma mater, Keene State College, did a performance of the musical, "The Last Five Years". The musical is about the evolution of a romantic relationship from beginning to end over a five-year cycle. In an effort to have more student involvement in the marketing for the musical, The theater director at Keene State tasked my class with coming up with posters for use in promoting the performances, the poster was required to include both the logos for the college and the school's performing arts center somewhere on the poster and incorporate a design meant to invoke romance, the 2010s', city life, moving on, and time.
I got to work right away and came up with fifteen different concepts based on various different themes revolving around romance, the 2010s', urban life, and moving on. The prototypes above are all proposals from my end of the project. After these were done, everyone posted their sketches to a Miro Board for critique. Ultimately, the design from the thirteenth proposal turned out to be the one that people liked the most. After adding hand-drawn flowers to remove extra blank space, I had finished the final design soon after as shown below. The poster was primarily made through Adobe InDesign, while some elements, including the diamond and the flowers, were made through Adobe Illustrator. The font for the text at the top and the credits below the diamond is Monotype Corsiva Std Regular, the font used for the title is Alex Brush ROB, while the font used for ticketing information is Rockwell Std Roman.

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